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Legacy of Thomas Deacon 

About us


Our origins go back to the founding of Mr Deacon's Charity School in 1722. Thomas Deacon a local wool merchant left funds in his will to set up and maintaining a school for 20 poor boys in Peterborough. He bequeathed the management to the vicar of St John the Baptist church and the towns Feoffees. In 1881, the school's governance was transferred to the first Board of Governors. 


The school's governors established the Deacon's School Trust in 1965, to manage the scholarships and awards left to the school. The Trust became one of two main sponsors of the Thomas Deacon Academy, following the closure of Deacon's School in 2007. The Trust renamed in March 2018 to Thomas Deacon Foundation and continue to manage scholarships for students attending Thomas Deacon Academy. 


Our trustees

As a registered charity, number 311852, our board of trustees are the custodians of the legacy of Deacon's School. The trustees ensure the charity is well-governed and that its assets are managed for the benefit of its beneficiaries.


The trustees have a strong link with the legacy of Thomas Deacon, whether being a former pupil or governor of Deacon's School and/or Thomas Deacon Academy. 


Current trustees:

  • Adrian Peters, Chair
  • John Turner, Vice-Chair/Secretary
  • Canon Ian Black
  • Nicola Hamilton
  • Mike Marjoram
  • John Peach
  • Roy Tate
  • Ruth Whittaker